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Starter Kit - Mini Cocoa Butter Incubator, Color Warmer & Chocolate Tempering. With Silicone Spatula, Stainless Steel Scraper and Apron

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Introducing the Ultimate Chocolatier Starter Kit: Your Pathway to Crafting Exquisite Chocolates!

Embark on a journey of sweet indulgence with our specially curated starter kit, designed for aspiring chocolatiers eager to create delectable masterpieces. Unveil your chocolate-making potential and immerse yourself in a world of flavor, texture, and artistry.

Unlock the secrets to crafting flawlessly beautiful chocolates with the CocoPix, the heart of your chocolatier's arsenal. Melt and temper chocolate effortlessly, transforming raw ingredients into velvety, lustrous perfection. Elevate your creations to professional standards and captivate taste buds with chocolates that exude finesse and refinement.

No artist is complete without the right tools, and our kit ensures you're equipped for chocolate perfection. The spatula and scraper included in the set provide the precision and control essential for crafting chocolates with intricate designs and clean lines. Your creations will not only taste exceptional but also look the part, reflecting your dedication to the art of chocolate making.

Embrace the process while keeping immaculate with our thoughtfully designed, lightweight apron. Engineered for both functionality and style, it safeguards your attire from cocoa's embrace while allowing you to remain comfortable and composed. Let your passion shine through as you confidently navigate the chocolate-making process, wearing an apron that embodies the spirit of a true chocolatier.

This starter kit isn't just about tools – it's a gateway to a world of culinary marvels. Whether you're dreaming of delicate truffles, intricately molded delights, or hand-painted chocolates that double as art, this kit empowers you to embark on your journey with finesse and flair.

Unleash your inner chocolatier, and seize this limited-time opportunity to acquire all you need in one meticulously crafted package. Elevate your creations, hone your skills, and create chocolates that enchant both the eyes and the taste buds. With our starter kit, the only limit is your imagination. Order now and begin your odyssey into the realm of chocolate craftsmanship!


Items Included:

  • 1 x CocoPix (110V/220V)
  • 3 x HDPE reusable bottles (200ml each)
  • 3 x Bottle caps
  • 3 x Nozzle attachments
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Skinny Spatula
  • 1 x Bench Scraper
  • 1 x Apron