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CocoPix - Mini Cocoa Butter Incubator, Color Warmer & Chocolate Tempering (Easy All-in-One Tempering Machine)

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Cocoa Butter Silk



Cocoa Butter Colors



Melt Tempered Chocolate and Colors




您是否在装饰Bonbon巧克力、甜点、蛋糕等过程中苦于保持可可脂颜色的温暖和调温状态?您是否准备释放创造力,掌握制作顺滑可可脂以实现完美调温巧克力的艺术,每次都做到完美无瑕?准备将您的巧克力作品提升到前所未有的高度,制作令人垂涎欲滴的杰作,令所有人都惊叹不已吧!告别微波炉、Sous Vide机和水浴锅吧。借助CocoPix,您可以实现这一切,甚至更多。这一卓越的设备利用先进的算法,精确提升和维持温度,准确度高达令人惊叹的0.1°C!配备三个独立的温度计和铂金温度传感器,确保精确度。瞧!这是明亮的TFT数字显示屏,可立即提供精确的温度读数。用户友好的键盘上配有易于使用的按钮,让您可以为每个瓶子设定单独的目标温度。CocoPix以极度方便为设计理念,拥有便捷倒注喷嘴,方便倒入物品,并配备塞子方便存储。食品安全的HDPE可重复使用塑料瓶确保您可以根据灵感随时添加颜色!别再犹豫!抓住机会改变您的巧克力制作体验。立即订购您的CocoPix,踏上绝美巧克力之旅吧!


  • 数字控制
  • LCD显示屏
  • 3个铂金RTD传感器
  • 3个独立控温器
  • 0.1°C 分辨率
  • 可重复使用的HDPE密封罐
  • 轻松倒出和储存的设计

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michelle Curry
Buy it!

I just wanted to share with everyone that the price point on this device is so affordable compared to others. It is well made and works great!

Richard Hill

I have tried various ways to temper dark chocolate at home over the years, but 'silk' seeding is by far the best, provided one can reliably, efficiently and economically produce silk. I have used general-purpose incubators in the past, but those with the required temperature range and accuracy are quite expensive and do not provide consistent results because of temperature fluctuations within the large enclosure, making them 'not-fit-for-purpose' in my opinion. On the other hand, the few specialised cocoa butter incubators available from other manufacturers are prohibitively expensive for small-batch home chocolate producers/experimenters like myself.

Enter the affordable CocoPix! But can it produce silk reliably, compared to its more expensive alternatives? The answer is a resounding YES! I use various types of cocoa butter sourced from both equatorial and sub-equatorial regions that exhibit different β2 (Type V) polymorph melting points, and I have found that once I have set the temperature of my CocoPix accordingly, it produces the required quantity of silk after 24 hours, under no supervision, with 100% reliability to date. Also, once the optimum temperature setting has been established for a particular type/brand of cocoa butter, I have found that setting to hold 'true' with ambient temperature in the range of 15-23 degrees Celsius (c. 59-73 degrees Fahrenheit) over the 24-hour incubation period.

Clifford Nivling
Impressive Device for Chocolatiers

I received my CocoPix two weeks ago, and have been using it daily to temper chocolate in two 6kg melters. For the past 12 years I have used the seeding method to achieve temper, with generally good and consistent results. However, I find using cocoa butter silk for tempering is a vast improvement, offering a faster and better temper. I am impressed with the CocoPix and look forward to incorporating it into my workflow moving forward.

Andy Liu
Unmolding made easy!

I attended a chocolate event in PingTung Taiwan for Cacao Farmers and that is where I was first introduced to the CocoPix. Everyone made beautiful chocolates that day and I was very impressed with the device, so I decided to take a chance and get one for myself. I have been using it ever since and I have never looked back. Unmolding was one of the task I used to dread but not any more. Silk tempering makes it so easy and stress free. Love the CocoPix!. Keep up the good work guys.

John Puccetti
Impressive silk!

I am a hobbyist chocolatier having taken it up after retiring a few years ago. I usually create batches of 150 – 200 filled bonbons. I have tempered my chocolate using tabling, seeding, and straight temperature modulation both with Mycryo and without and was anxious to try tempering using silk. I was intrigued by the CocoPix product and decided to give it a try based on its significantly lower price point than other products out there. I have been using it for 2 months now and am very pleased with its performance.

The product arrived in very secure and solid packaging which was a pleasant surprise. It seems to be well designed and is actually a nice looking small appliance sitting on a countertop. Controls are simple and intuitive, and I have had it on continuously for as long as 10 days without any notice of overheating or malfunction. Most importantly the silk that this product creates is outstanding. I have greatly simplified my tempering process for chocolate, colored cocoa butter, and ganache and the temper I am able to now achieve is very good.

For my own uses I found that the containers were a bit too small for melting chocolate or colored cocoa butter so I will be using the product exclusively for creating silk. I have not ever used the EZTemper or Kadzama silk creating machines but I can’t imagine they create silk any better than what this tool is able to create and the cost was significantly less. Happy with the purchase