Guide to Working with Cocoa Butter Colors

Guide to Working with Cocoa Butter Colors


Welcome Chocolatiers! We're here to sprinkle some cocoa-infused magic into your confectionery creations. Working with cocoa butter colors may seem like a mysterious art, but fear not! We've got you covered. This informative guide will ignite your creativity, allowing you to channel your inner Amaury Guichon. Prepare to dive into a world where chocolate becomes a canvas for your artistic expression.

Tempering Cocoa Butter Colors using CocoPix

  1. Melt the cocoa butter colors to approximately 45°C (113°F).

    Say goodbye to those pesky malformed crystals! By melting the cocoa butter colors at a higher temperature, around 45-50°C, you'll banish any unwanted crystals that can dull the shine and brilliance of your cocoa butter colors. Attention to detail is key, and we know you're a perfectionist (after all, you're here reading this post!). This step is absolutely crucial.

  2. Cool the cocoa butter colors to approximately 34.5-35°C (95°F).

    Oops! It seems you've lost those stunning Beta 5 crystals alongside the unwanted ones. Life can throw us curveballs, but don't worry, your cocoa butter simply needs a moment to cool off. If it's one of those scorching hot days where you could fry eggs on the sidewalk, you can speed up the cooling process by pouring it into a bowl and stirring or popping it into the cooler for a few minutes. Once it reaches a balmy temperature of 34.5-35°C, it's time to give your cocoa butter colors a luxurious spa treatment with the application of Cocoa Butter Silk. It's like pampering them with a rejuvenating spa session. (By the way, did you know cocoa butter is a versatile ingredient used in cosmetics? Fascinating, isn't it?)

  3. Add approximately 1-2% by weight of cocoa butter silk to temper the cocoa butter.

    Cocoa Butter Silk is like a superhero, powerful yet gentle. You only need a small amount, around 1-2% by weight of cocoa butter silk, to work its magic on your cocoa butter colors. Just mix it in thoroughly, like a perfectly synchronized dance between two passionate partners. Find that beat, that rhythm that gets them in the mood to produce the most beautiful chocolates. You're the DJ of this cocoa butter symphony!

  4. Set the CocoPix to the working temperature of the cocoa butter colors, around 30°C (86°F).

    So now that they are in the mood, keep the love alive! The CocoPix is your secret weapon for setting the right atmosphere. It's like having the Marvin Gaye of the cocoa butter world, creating the perfect ambiance for your cocoa butter colors. This love story has been experienced time and time again by our customers who have used the CocoPix to produce stunning chocolates. Love is a beautiful thing, and we hope you fall in love with the CocoPix too!

Preserving the Brilliance: Storing Your Cocoa Butter Colors

  1. Remove The Bottles: CocoPix's Job Well Done

    Once you've finished using your cocoa butter colors, gently remove the bottle from the CocoPix, bidding adieu to its warm embrace. Your colors have had their moment to shine, and now it's time to let them settle.

  2. Allow The Colors To Setup: Let the Colors Settle.

    Allow your cocoa butter colors to take a breather and solidify. Find them a cool spot where they can cool down and regain their composure. Think of it as a moment of zen for your colors—a chance for them to gather their strength while maintaining their temper. Be sure to find a cool spot though you don't want those stresses to build up and those pesky unwanted crystals giving your cocoa butter wrinkles. You can pop them in the cooler or the the refrigerator but don't leave them in there too long or they might get frost bite. You need to treat your cocoa butter colors well if you want them to stay young and beautiful so be attentive and take care of them.

  3. Store the bottles in a cool, dry location: Find a Cool, Dry Sanctuary

    Now that your cocoa butter colors have solidified, it's time to find them a home, away from excessive heat and humidity. Even cocoa butter colors deserve a break from the daily grind. Ensure they have the perfect sanctuary to rejuvenate, so they'll be fully recharged and ready to work their magic whenever you need them.

Remember, proper storage ensures your cocoa butter colors stay at their best, ready to dazzle you with their brilliance whenever inspiration strikes. By giving them the care they deserve, you're setting the stage for future chocolate adventures that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Now, go forth and find that special spot for your cocoa butter colors to call home, and let the enchantment continue!

Warming Cocoa Butter Colors

Congratulations on giving your cocoa butter colors a well-deserved break! They've recharged their vibrant energy and are ready to dazzle once again. Let's bring them back to life with these rejuvenating steps:

  1. Retrieve the colors from storage.

    Wake them up from their peaceful slumber, and get them ready for their time in the spotlight.

  2. Set the CocoPix temperature to the working temperature of the cocoa butter colors.

    Create the perfect ambiance for your Cocoa Butter Colors by setting the CocoPix temperature to their ideal warmth about 30C. The CocoPix is ideal for the job, Just like a gentle lullaby, the CocoPix will serenade them, carefully raising the temperature and awakening their dormant beauty without causing any undue stress ensuring they never lose their temper. If you have ever been woken up by a loud noise, you know how it can ruin your entire day. But with the CocoPix making sure your cocoa butter colors always get the royal treatment, you can rest assured they will be ready to give you their best.

  3. Allow the colors to melt in the CocoPix.

    Now, it's time for your cocoa butter colors to indulge in their own beauty routine, just like prima donnas preparing for their grand performance. They'll take their sweet time to meticulously rearrange their crystals and primp themselves for the ultimate action. So sit back, relax, and let them work their magic, for when they emerge, they'll be ready to dazzle you with their radiant charm.

  4. Test the temper and ensure even distribution before applying the colors.

    Who hasn't caught themselves gazing into the mirror, ensuring they look their absolute best? Well, Cocoa Butter Colors are no exception! They crave that validation too. Give them the spotlight they deserve by testing a small drop on a smooth surface, like a luxurious marble countertop or a sleek strip of plastic. Allow a minute or so for the drop to set, and if it gracefully pulls away from the surface, revealing a mesmerizing shine, you can rejoice knowing that your cocoa butter colors are in perfect temper. It's their moment to shine, so give them a good shake, and they're ready to steal the show!

With these steps, your cocoa butter colors will emerge from their tranquil retreat, radiating renewed vibrancy and infusing your chocolates with a touch of magic. Get ready to embark on another colorful journey!

Section 4: Video Tutorial

Watch this video tutorial on making custom cocoa butter colors:


We hope this guide helps you in working with cocoa butter colors using CocoPix. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Happy creating!