Unleashing Happiness!

Unleashing Happiness!

A Customer Love Story

At Beta Crystal, we take immense pride in the satisfaction and success of our customers. Today, we are delighted to share the heartfelt review from Jeff Huth, co-owner of DownLow Chocolate, who experienced a revolutionary breakthrough in their chocolate tempering process with the CocoPix from Beta Crystal.

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Jeff and Lee Huth run this business and they are one of the early adopters of the CocoPix.
Jeff's review exemplifies the transformative power of CocoPix in achieving the perfect temper and the resulting happiness it brings. Join us as we explore Jeff and Lee's journey and discover how CocoPix changed the game for DownLow Chocolate.

  1. The Challenge: Struggling with Traditional Tempering: Jeff shares in his review the initial challenge he faced with achieving a good temper using the ChocoVision Revelation Delta tempering machine. Despite previous attempts, obtaining the desired results without seed took considerable time and effort, hindering their chocolate production.

  2. The CocoPix Revelation: Discovering CocoPix and Beta Crystal's engaging and informative videos on tempering with cocoa butter silk, Jeff and Lee saw a ray of hope. Intrigued by the possibilities, they decided to give CocoPix a try, eager to streamline their tempering process.

  3. Embracing CocoPix and Cocoa Butter Silk: Jeff outlines the straightforward process they followed with CocoPix and cocoa butter silk, highlighting its effectiveness:

    • Adding a small quantity (30g) of cocoa butter callets to the CocoPix and setting the temperature (33.3°C) the day before tempering/molding.
    • Obtaining creamy and opaque cocoa butter silk, resembling mayonnaise, by the next day.
    • Incorporating the silk into their white chocolate in the tempering machine, heating it to 45°C and cooling it to 34.5°C.
    • Achieving the desired temper by allowing the chocolate to cool to 30°C, followed by molding and setting.
  4. Unleashing Happiness: The Results: Thanks to CocoPix and cocoa butter silk, they experienced a remarkable transformation in their tempering process:

    • Obtaining a shiny, snappy temper on their first attempt.
    • Dramatically reducing the time required for tempering, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
    • Witnessing the three crucial indicators of a good temper: shrink, shine, and snap.
  5. The Game Changer: Incorporating CocoPix into the Workflow: Inspired by the results, Jeff and Lee integrated the CocoPix and cocoa butter silk into DownLow Chocolate's tempering process for all their chocolate bars. This decision underscores the profound impact CocoPix has had on their operations and the assurance it brings in consistently achieving a good temper.

  6. The Power of Happiness: Jeff concludes by expressing his gratitude to Beta Crystal for making tempering a happy process. The CocoPix's ability to facilitate a good temper is not merely a technical achievement but a source of genuine happiness for Jeff and Lee. The review highlights the emotional connection between the product's performance and the customer's joy.

Conclusion: Jeff Huth's testimonial encapsulates the remarkable journey of DownLow Chocolate's transformation with the CocoPix. By overcoming their tempering challenges, they unlocked a world of happiness and efficiency. Jeff and Lee's story is a testament to the power of innovative solutions like CocoPix in revolutionizing traditional processes and bringing joy to businesses.

At Beta Crystal, we are dedicated to empowering our customers and helping them discover happiness through our products. So, what are you waiting for experience the joy of tempering with the CocoPix!

Happiness = Having a Good Temper

We recently got a CocoPix for DownLow Chocolate after learning about tempering with cocoa butter silk and seeing the excellent (and hilarious) videos from Beta Crystal.
On our first use, we made cocoa butter silk for our low-carb "Flapper Girl: Coconut White Chocolate." On several previous batches, we struggled with getting a good temper (without seed) using our ChocoVision Revlation Delta tempering machine - and it took a long time! But with the CocoPix and cocoa butter silk, we got a shiny, snappy temper the first time! And the tempering process took a fraction of the time.
The day before tempering/molding, we added 30g of cocoa butter wafers (1% of our 3kg batch) to the CocoPix, set the temp (33.3'C), and the next day we had silk (opaque, creamy, mayonnaise-looking cocoa butter). Later that day, we added our white chocolate to the tempering machine, heated it to 45'C and cooled it to 34.5'C. Then we added the cocoa butter silk and whisked it into the chocolate. We let the chocolate cool to 30'C and then molded/vibrated the chocolate and put the bars in our wine fridge to set. After 20-30 minutes, we checked the bars and they had the 3 S's: shrink, shine, and snap.
The CocoPix is a game changer! We will incorporate our CocoPix and cocoa butter silk into our tempering process for all of our chocolate bars. Because with the CocoaPix, we have a good temper. And with a good temper comes happiness. Thank you for making us happy, Beta Crystal!

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